mdt adraitic map

Medtronic, the world leader in medical technologies, services and healthcare solutions.  Medtronic products and services are available on Adriatic Region market since 1974.

Today, we’re known for our life-changing innovations and breakthrough medical technologies. We offer therapies that treat nearly 70 conditions, including some of the world’s most challenging chronic diseases — like diabetes, obesity, cancer, and heart disease. We also provide many essential support products and services that are used across multiple procedures and along the entire continuum of care.

Our legacy of innovation and unique position as the world’s largest medical technology company allow us to play a central role in transforming healthcare. We believe that no one can solve healthcare challenges alone. So we cooperate with whole range of professionals in healthcare and support educational projects in the country. We provide customer service and support for our customers and patients.

Medtronic, as an international company employs more than 85 000 people in 160 countries. Heterogeneous territory demands for individual and user-specific approach in transfer of technologies and skills in the interest of restoring patients to full and productive lives. We do participate in all main health-related projects within Adriatic region. Today our employees across the region deliver clinical trials, conduct market development, Training & Education of physicians, addressing the whole continuum of care, creating and raising awareness of unique Medtronic therapies to treat more than 70 different chronic and non-communicative diseases in the country. Medtronic Adriatic offices are located in Zagreb, Croatia and Belgrade, Serbia.