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At Medtronic, we're changing the face of chronic disease. By working closely with physicians around the world, we create therapies to help patients do things they never thought possible. 

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Like the business owner in England with Parkinson's disease who could finally feed
himself again.
Or the clerk from Germany, suffering from heart failure, who said that it is a wonderful feeling that she can now do all of the ordinary activities in life and it is as if nothing ever happened.
Or the dietician in India who was able to control her diabetes well enough to
have a baby.

Our medical technologies help make it possible for millions of people to resume everyday activities, return to work, and live better and longer. We're able to do this with the help of some very special people around the world: 38,000 dedicated employees who share a passionate purpose to improve lives, thousands of medical professionals who share their insights and ideas, and hundreds of advocacy associations that help us share information so people with debilitating diseases know relief is possible.

Last Updated: 10 11 2015

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